Happy Birthday India..Agile India!

The celebration of freedom

The joy of Self Management

The choice to pursue own path..

All became reality in that one moment

15th August 1947

Independence Day

and on this momentous day we salute and celebrate the spirit of India:

The culture of putting People First

The ever active zeal to Deliver something beautiful

The spirit of Collaboration

and the courage to continuously adopt Change


From and on behalf of all ISEC community members, volunteers, staff members, delegates and speakers,We wish



To help all of us celebrate the power of independent learning this Independence Day, We are happy to announce a 15% discount for 15 participants to our upcoming events in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Chennai. Use the code INDIA68 to avail the discount. Valid only till midnight today.

Register here:

Hyderabad: http://www.meraevents.com/event/at2015hyd

Delhi: http://www.meraevents.com/event/at2015del

Pune: http://www.meraevents.com/event/atpune2015

Chennai: http://www.meraevents.com/event/atchn2015

Announcing Call for papers: Agile Tour India 2015


As the monsoon returns to the Indian subcontinent to bring back a visual treat for us from the beaches of south India to the mighty Himalayas, ISEC is happy to announce the return of the Agile Tour events in India.

In the 6th edition of Agile Tour events in India, Agile Tour 2015, we will be covering four key cities: Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Chennai.

For details of Agile Tour events,Please do through the links below:

We now invite research papers and experience sharing reports from agile practitioners in India, to submit their sessions for review by the Agile Tour Program committee

Please use the following links to submit your session abstracts:

  • Hyderabad ( Open only for our Female friends) [ Last date of submission: 5th August 2015]
  • Delhi [ Last date of submission: 15th August 2015]
  • Pune [ Last date of submission: 22nd August 2015]
  • Chennai [ Last date of submission: 29th August 2015]

Do feel free to write to use for any queries at events@indiascrumcommunity.org

Meet.Learn.Connect with fellow Agilists in your city this summer

Dear Agile Enthusiasts,

As the gloom and chill of winter gives way to spring and sunshine, let’s give you more  ways to learn and connect this year

We would be conducting meetups, webinars and conference though-out the year in your city to help you share and learn from peers and gurus

ISEC Event Schedule: January 2015- June 2015

  • ISEC Delhi-NCR Chapter meetup: 28th February 2015, Gurgaon

More information:


  • ISEC Bengaluru Chapter meetup: 1st April 2015, Bengaluru

More information:


  • ISEC Chennai Chapter meetup: 14th March 2015, Chennai

More information:


  • ISEC Hyderabad Chapter meetup: 3rd April 2015, Hyderabad

More information:


  • REGIONAL SCRUM GATHERING SOUTH ASIA 2015: 5-6 June 2015, Bengaluru

More Details:


Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015: Live Now!

The doors are open!

Your favourite Scrum conference in India is back for 2015 in a bigger, better avatar.

The Knowledge horizons are expanding and so is the need for us to connect. Knowledge, innovation and success know, no borders and boundaries. In line with this global spirit, Regional Scrum Gathering India has now metapmorphosed into a new Asiatic avatar.

The Regional Scrum Gathering® South Asia 2015 will be hosted in Bengaluru on 5-6th June 2015 and would include speakers, volunteers, delegates and practitioners from South and South-East Asia and other countries of the world.

With the theme of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam- The World is one Family”, Regional Scrum Gathering® South Asia 2015 would feature workshops, activity sessions, Lightning Talks, Open Space and Coaching Clinic.

To submit a session, please click on the link below:


For more information about the conference, including the Theme and Tracks, Please go to the event website: