Dear Agile Enthusiasts,

As the gloom and chill of winter gives way to spring and sunshine, let’s give you more  ways to learn and connect this year

We would be conducting meetups, webinars and conference though-out the year in your city to help you share and learn from peers and gurus

ISEC Event Schedule: January 2015- June 2015

  • ISEC Delhi-NCR Chapter meetup: 28th February 2015, Gurgaon

More information:

  • ISEC Bengaluru Chapter meetup: 1st April 2015, Bengaluru

More information:

  • ISEC Chennai Chapter meetup: 14th March 2015, Chennai

More information:

  • ISEC Hyderabad Chapter meetup: 3rd April 2015, Hyderabad

More information:

  • REGIONAL SCRUM GATHERING SOUTH ASIA 2015: 5-6 June 2015, Bengaluru

More Details:

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