As the monsoon returns to the Indian subcontinent to bring back a visual treat for us from the beaches of south India to the mighty Himalayas, ISEC is happy to announce the return of the Agile Tour events in India.

In the 6th edition of Agile Tour events in India, Agile Tour 2015, we will be covering four key cities: Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Chennai.

For details of Agile Tour events,Please do through the links below:

We now invite research papers and experience sharing reports from agile practitioners in India, to submit their sessions for review by the Agile Tour Program committee

Please use the following links to submit your session abstracts:

  • Hyderabad ( Open only for our Female friends) [ Last date of submission: 5th August 2015]
  • Delhi [ Last date of submission: 15th August 2015]
  • Pune [ Last date of submission: 22nd August 2015]
  • Chennai [ Last date of submission: 29th August 2015]

Do feel free to write to use for any queries at

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