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 “Deu Boro dis Dium, Tum ko so asa?”

 If you know what these words mean, let’s come together and celebrate the lifestyle once more this post-new year. If not, we would like to welcome you, whole-heartedly to an inimitable experience that is ISEC AGILE COACHES RETREAT in Goa, India.

The ISEC team would like to welcome all the coaches, aspiring coaches, and Agile Enthusiasts to this sun-kissed heaven of Agile world. With a dream and a firm belief, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) has been providing a common platform for collaborative learning with a ubiquitous experience in Scrum and Agile community across India and its subcontinents. The word “retreat” was explicitly chosen to be different from camp, gathering, open-space or conference. It represents a deeper and more meaningful experience. Our intent is to create a timeframe for people to gather in a purposeful way for focused learning and growth. Retreats are a place to get away, think deeply, collaborate wholly, and come away with a newer perspective. Our retreat is designed for multiple sessions around a single topic with both inter- and intra-team learning. This will also help in supporting and guiding these ideas for the growth of overall Agile community. ISEC fosters growth as growing as a tree, we value each leaves and branches for a stronger Agile community in India.

As the inaugural ISEC Agile Coaches Retreat in India, it is an exclusive and unique rendezvous platform for all Agile enthusiasts. This is the platform where you can interact, network and learn from your peers to enhance the art of Agile Coaching. Not only do you get ideas, but you can discuss with your fellow coaches about solutions to a sticky situation you have been facing in your coaching assignment, find new opportunities to collaborate and engage. The objective was to get together as experienced professionals and take our knowledge to the next level.

And there couldn’t be a better place to get away from the maddening race then Goa this new year. GOA, as you may be aware is the ultimate beach holiday destination in India and with a Portuguese influenced culture, Miles of sandy beaches, perfect weather for this time of the year, it is considered the most happening place through the December to February Holiday season. (Not to mention the wonderful dining and drinking options , including the exotic Cashew Feni, the uber drink of Goa )

The Retreat kicks-off at 4 PM on 17th 2017, GOA. Let’s Join hands to nurture the future growth our Agile world.


Early Bird (Without Staying At The Hotel)
INR 25550 + Taxes

Early Bird (Staying At The Hotel)
INR 30550 + Taxes

(Hurry now early birds price ends on 26-01-2017)

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“Believing in the beauty of our dreams, Promoting & Supporting the World of Agile.”

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Psychological Awakening of Agile Minds: Women in Agile

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Woman Has the Power to Create, Nurture and Transform.”


India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) invites all Agile Enthusiasts for our upcoming conference in Hyderabad as part of Agile Tour on 18th December. The theme of the event is “Women in Agile: Agility beyond Workplace.”  We all are so much focused on implementing Agility at workplaces that we fail to realize women have been using Agility beyond workplaces from ages. This conference will mark and establish a psychological awakening for all of us to recognize women as Agile masters of all. You will be able to discuss application of Agility beyond workplaces and the problem faced by working women in balancing personal & professional life. We at ISEC salute the power and triumph of women in all the field. An eye opener for all of us to understand the problem they face.

Let’s join hands and be a part of the conference and encourage, support and expand women in Agile.

The Agenda for the Agile Tour is:



“Marriage of Agile and Innovation: Seeds for the Future.”

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The seed of Agile Innovation can be traced back to Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles by Walter Shewhart which used iterative and incremental-development methodology to directing towards the improvement of products and processes. It is surprising yet debatable that how this concept was implemented by Edwards Deming for Toyota. From history to present, we see a much-evolved Agile methodologies which rooted to different dimensions of innovations.

As Ken and Jeff (Authors of Scrum) pointed out, “Both Agile and innovation are based on the simple act of learning how to see reality clearly, and on adopting a nimble approach to implementation”. Now, point of discussion is how the meaning of Innovation and Agile is perceived in an Agile world.

In the complex merger or marriage of innovation and agility, there has being continuous dispute if Agile Kills Innovation! Let’s confer on the beauty of Agile which can be tailor-made & modified in diverse spheres to reassure Innovation. Time to voice on the opinions of innovating and adapting Agile in workplaces.

Let’s join hands and discover if the art of innovation and Agile Philosophy blend together? To register now for Agile Tour Pune conference click here  or mail us at,

Agile Tour India 2016

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Agile Tour India 2016

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”

Agile Tour India 2016 is back with a promise for a better tomorrow. This year, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) is organising a pioneering events and conferences. These events will not only bring our ISEC and Agile followers to one platform but also gives a medium to share their experiences.

The motto of the Agile Tour India this year is to emphasis on prospective that are exceptional and valuable in growth of an Agile world. Our themes for the upcoming events are


Agile Tour 2016, Chennai, 6th November

“Roadmap for Catalysts & Servant Leaders towards being Agile Leaders.”

The purpose of this event is to provide directions to be an agile front-runner. The topic is “Agile Leadership – Empowering Catalysts & Servant Leaders”. This will enable to you understand the heart of Agile Leadership and nurture your Agile minds. You can join and register in the event for expert talks, debates, brainstorming conference which will open up a whole new perception to start a change in the way you work. The motto and the focus of the event will be Agile Leadership and Empowerment.


Agile Tour 2016, Pune, 2nd December

“Innovation & Agile– Misnomer or Misconstrued??”

The topic of discussion is to deliberate on how the meaning of Innovation and Agile is perceived in an Agile world. Join to understand the complex merger of innovation and agility, the viewpoints of the concepts. This will also give you exposure to discuss the issues and learn the principles of Agile in Innovations.

The significant question is if Innovators can use Agile methods or Agilists can be Innovative? Debate, discover the construction of Innovation and Agile.

The event will be held on 2nd December, in Pune.


Agile Tour 2016, Hyderabad 18th December

“Women in Agile – Agility beyond Workplace” will be held in Hyderabad on 18th December, 2016. The purpose of the one-day event is to enable you in understanding an overall conception of Agility in workplaces.

It is a stage which advocate the equilibrium in work and personal life of an Agile working women. Join and participate to cherish Agility which holds no boundaries.

India Scrum Enthusiasts Community invites call for papers for all the above events. Any ideas, suggestions are most welcome.

Join the events and make a different tomorrow for yourselves.


Announcing Call for papers: Agile Tour India 2016

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SSShhhhhh “Agile Tour India” is back with New monsoon!

To all the followers of Agile n ISEC, it gives us immense pleasure today announcing the call for papers for Agile Tour India 2016.

This year we are focusing on different trend lines of Agile world. Starting from the role of “a woman” in the Agile world to the Leaders who have been nurturing the culture of Agility with various moves.

A great platform for all, to come and showcase the knowledge.

Don’t miss, it’s a call for paper. Click on the events link below to submit!

The schedule of the Agile Tour India conferences is as follows:

Date: 6th November 2016

Theme: Agile leadership- Empowering Catalysts & servant leaders

Event Link

Date:2nd December 2016

Theme:Innovation & Agile- Misnomer or Misconstrued

Event Link

Date: 18th December 2016

Themewomen in Agile

Event link

The call for speakers is now open.  Please visit the event pages to know more and submit your sessions.

We are also inviting limited sponsorship from organizations who are interested in getting their work and passion known to the Agile community in India.

To know more about our sponsorship plans, please write to us at

Thank you India!

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As we wrap up Agile Tour 2015 India events, the 6th edition of Agile Tour in India, we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks for your support and participation in Agile Tour 2015. We look forward to see you in an ISEC event in 2016.

The presentations from Agile Tour 2015 are now available on the ISEC website:  website. Please follow the link below:

The Photo memoirs from the events are on ISEC Facebook page:

Wishing you a lot of festivities and safe and relaxing holidays ahead.

Agile Tour Delhi-NCR 2015: How much you can learn in a day ?

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Well yes. You read the title right.

Here is a little challenge that our program team has thrown to each of the participants of Agile Tour Delhi-NCR 2015.

This year the Delhi-NCR leg of Agile Tour will provide a maze of opportunities to learn. You start your day by learning from Ignite sessions from our key speakers, discuss with your peers in the Practitioners Retreat and end your day with a platter of thoughtful sessions from our coaches in the TeachMeet. All in one day…

Only thing to limit your learning would be the time and the zeal to learn. So , are your ready Delhi ???

It’s only a pity that we have limited 60 seats on offer for this Agile learning extravaganza. Make sure your book one before we put on the houseful sign ….

Register for Agile Tour Delhi:

More information:


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