A-Awesome Knowledge feeds
G-Gains in professional knowledge
I-Interesting and relevant topics
L-Learning by doing activities
E-Excellent Central venue
T-Thoroughly friendly hosts
O-Outstanding efficient organization
U-Urging Agile Adoption
R-Really great value for money and time

-Karthik Ramamurthy, Ex President, PMI Chennai, ( Agile Tour 2013, Chennai )

It was an absolutely stunning session which was engaging throughout. The interactions, Games, analogies, metaphors, Exercises were absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the ISEC for putting together such a wonderful session. It was a weekend absolutely well spent.

-Sujatha Sivaraman, VP, Polaris ( Agile Tour 2013, Chennai )

In this “Distributed” world where we can have so much “Cultural difference” #atchennai did an excellent “Fishing” job in “Collaborating” the ideas, showed us what a “Jugaad” idea can bring changes in better understanding world of “Agile and Kanban” methods and not being “Fragile” #atchennai. great going guys. Look forward.

-Sasikanth P, Infosys ( Agile Tour 2013, Chennai )

One of the best conference, I have ever attended. Thought provoking practical sessions discussed and motivating to “Be Agile

-Kumaran Karunakaran ( Agile Tour 2013, Chennai )

I feel this Agile Tour conference is very energetic forum to learn and have fun. It is very exciting to meet several leaders from industry and have conversation that make a difference in one’s mindset. I’ve been participating in this conference since last 2 years and it filled with full of experience sharing. Thank you ISEC. I wait for next year’s session to come back. The flow of event was so smooth and linked to topic sequenced, such that mutually disparate topics appeared linked. The highlight of this event is ability to switch between tracks as per desired attendance to a particular talk. Moreover , I got a platform to openly exchange ideas with like minded experts across industry in India. Thank you India Scrum community to make this happen.

 -Sekhar Burra, Agile Coach & IT Project Manager, Parexel ( Agile Tour 2013, Hyderabad )

Thank you ISEC community  for the arrangement of this program. This program satisfied my greed of knowledge where it covered a lot of topics and with best speakers in it. Looking forward to next Agile Tour.

-Vikram Boidapu, Associate Development Manager, Electronic Arts ( Agile Tour 2013, Hyderabad)

It was not only a great experience attending it, its more of an opportunity in meeting, interacting and learning from great minds and experts of industry. Agile Tour Hyderabad was worthwhile to come out on a weekend, learn throughout the day, enjoy good networking and go home happy. Thank you for arranging it.

-Soma Bhattacharya, Agile Transformation Consultant, Xebia ( Speaker, Agile Tour 2013, Hyderabad)

I was looking forward to attending this event for past 3 years and finally I could attend today. The speakers were awesome, delegates were professionals and the flow of events was extremely well planned . Kudos to organizing committee. The topics presented are the future of Agile , Lean, Scrum & Kanban

-Purnima Julka, Systems Analyst, Convergys ( Agile Tour 2013, Hyderabad)

A good compact Agile conference I attended lately. Starting to see the topics moving from repeated, mundane rhetoric to informed practical experience sharing. I could gather insights coming out of individuals that I cannot get in any book. Well organized including time management and facilities. Time well spent.

-Akkiraju Bhattaprolu, AVP, Broadridge ( Speaker, Agile Tour 2013, Hyderabad )

I got opportunity to talk at Agile Tour 2012 and was super excited to share my thoughts as Agile Developer. Saturday morning 9.30am..pleasant location, session started quite as per schedule with brief opening talk. I liked the diversity in topics that were planned for the event. Topics selected were right from scrum basics to advanced thought provoking scrum ideas helped refresh various Scrum Concepts. Also, ISEC’s policy to leave the session when desired works great for those keen to hear ideas from both the tracks. Agilists listening to my thoughts and responding positively to it followed by healthy discussion was a big Wow moment to me. It surely motivated me a lot. ISEC events ensures learning for everyone especially with its panel round wherein we can get answers to all those queries we keep wondering on at times! For this I am to surely recommend it within my network. Thanks,

-Mansi Shah – Speaker ( Agile Tour 2012, Pune )

Useful. Nice food for thought. Some nice technical and cool stuff. New unknown processes explained in a good way that we can think of implementing in our organization.

-Delegate (Agile Tour Hyderabad 2012)

Registration process and logistics excellent. Sessions were all very well planned and speakers kept to their time very well. Overall an excellent experience. NLP was a surprise package. Thank you.

-Delegate (Agile Tour Chennai 2012)

A great day for the agile enthusiasts sharing of thoughts with various industry persons really helped a lot to de-mystify some of the grey areas and a very good platform for enthusiasts to meet and share.

-Delegate (Agile Tour Chennai 2010)

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