Announcing Agile Tour 2014 India

Agile Tour 2014 India events would be hosted across 4 cities ( Bengaluru, Pune, Delhi-NCR and Chennai) in the month of November 2014.

The delegate registrations are already open and we have restricted the number of available seats this year to provide more value to a niche audience in each city.

For more details , visit the Agile Tour webpage

The Carnival ends..But the festivities continues

“A learning heaven”

Well those words from a participant just about sum up the experience from the Scrum Carnival of Asia, the Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014.

426 attendees, speakers, volunteers and guests vying to make sure that peer learning never subsided during the gathering days, is a proof enough how passionate we agilists are, about our art and the desire to improve the world of work.

A well deserved thanks to the RSGI2014 Organizing committee for their tireless, endless efforts to make sure everything ran smooth and fine.

and a special shout-out to all our wonderful sponsors, Scrum Alliance, SolutionsIQ, Alliance Global Services, Leanpitch, PMI India and Broadridge and to our Media partners, the Healthy Code Magazine for being our pillars of support.

We would also like to provide a special thanks to 23 local user groups who supported our humble effort and helped us reach out to Agilists in India and other parts of the globe.


so what next..??

Well, as we prepare for the winters and the the Indian festival season, we do have some aces up our sleeve.Keep watching this space for more details…..

#RSGI14 – 50d: Gamifying the Release Planning and Estimation


Let’s face it. Estimation is a difficult beast to deal with, more so on an agile project specifically, when talking at the release level. Features are needed to scale, because it’s too difficult to manage large programs with just user stories. Release planning becomes too detailed if you don’t have a middle tier of features representing what you’re trying to build.

Does this happen with your software releases too???


Gamifying the Release Planning and Estimation

Presenter: Ms Savita Pahuja

To understand how you can solve the challenges faced during Agile Release Planning, How to estimate Epics, Features and Stories and to learn the all new concept of “Feature Points” join our speaker Savita Pahuja as she takes you through a fun, gaming session on Agile Release Planning and Estimation

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

A Thank you note and an invitation

We started a journey 4 years ago with a wish to give a platform to agile practitioners in India to communicate, collaborate and express to the whole world at the lowest possible costs and closer to their homes.

Agile Tour 2013 events saw our belief in the community grew stronger and deeper. Agile Tour Hyderabad and Chennai saw participation from close to 200 delegates from 87 companies participating, sharing and celebrating the Agility together.

The highlight of events this year was the strong content and knowledge shared by speakers. It was perhaps the first time that all of our 26 speakers received a feedback rating  of > 75%. So, Thank you speakers for making this happen and being committed to the cause.

A special thanks is due to our Sponsors @ScrumAlliance who have been with us in every Agile Tour event in India  till date and are truly leading the way in helping us change the way we work.

Our other wonderful national sponsors Xebia , do deserve a credit for sending some wonderful gifts and great knowledge sharing sessions our way.

And, the last note of thanks has to be for those, without which we could not spread our little wings:

Agile Hyderabad, ITsAP, NASSCOM, PMI Pune Deccan Chapter, PMI Chennai Chapter and SPIN Chennai.  Thanks for being there for us.

As we say adios to 2013, We would like to invite you to our next big event in 2014, The Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 . Let’s meet again to celebrate the togetherness and fun.

Photo memoirs from Agile Tour India events:

Agile Tour Chennai Presentations:

Agile Tour Hyderabad Presentations:

On behalf of ISEC governing council and all members we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Keep smiling forever.

Community Learning with Agile Tour 2013


Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process

Community and peer learning is the best form of learning and every year, Agile Tour events in India bring you the best platform for participatory , experiential learning. This year too we bring you a bouquet of learning topics and opportunities at a city near you.

Do join in and learn from the practitioners at Agile Tour 2013 events in Hyderabad and Chennai this November and December



  • Lean Value Innovation
  • Leadership for Lean Teams
  • Passion vs Ration
  • Systematic Innovation
  • Lean tenants for Business
  • Lean principles using TDD
  • Battlefield Agility

Register here for Agile Tour 2013 Hyderabad



  • Agile Contracting
  • Scaling Agile using SAFe
  • Agile=Jugaad?
  • Effective Requirements
  • Distirbuted Agile Challanges
  • Fish!ing with Agile Teams
  • Agile in Global Development

Register here for Agile Tour 2013 Chennai