The seed of Agile Innovation can be traced back to Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles by Walter Shewhart which used iterative and incremental-development methodology to directing towards the improvement of products and processes. It is surprising yet debatable that how this concept was implemented by Edwards Deming for Toyota. From history to present, we see a much-evolved Agile methodologies which rooted to different dimensions of innovations.

As Ken and Jeff (Authors of Scrum) pointed out, “Both Agile and innovation are based on the simple act of learning how to see reality clearly, and on adopting a nimble approach to implementation”. Now, point of discussion is how the meaning of Innovation and Agile is perceived in an Agile world.

In the complex merger or marriage of innovation and agility, there has being continuous dispute if Agile Kills Innovation! Let’s confer on the beauty of Agile which can be tailor-made & modified in diverse spheres to reassure Innovation. Time to voice on the opinions of innovating and adapting Agile in workplaces.

Let’s join hands and discover if the art of innovation and Agile Philosophy blend together? To register now for Agile Tour Pune conference click here  or mail us at,

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