Woman Has the Power to Create, Nurture and Transform.”


India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) invites all Agile Enthusiasts for our upcoming conference in Hyderabad as part of Agile Tour on 18th December. The theme of the event is “Women in Agile: Agility beyond Workplace.”  We all are so much focused on implementing Agility at workplaces that we fail to realize women have been using Agility beyond workplaces from ages. This conference will mark and establish a psychological awakening for all of us to recognize women as Agile masters of all. You will be able to discuss application of Agility beyond workplaces and the problem faced by working women in balancing personal & professional life. We at ISEC salute the power and triumph of women in all the field. An eye opener for all of us to understand the problem they face.

Let’s join hands and be a part of the conference and encourage, support and expand women in Agile.

The Agenda for the Agile Tour is:



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