Agile Tour India 2016

“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.”

Agile Tour India 2016 is back with a promise for a better tomorrow. This year, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) is organising a pioneering events and conferences. These events will not only bring our ISEC and Agile followers to one platform but also gives a medium to share their experiences.

The motto of the Agile Tour India this year is to emphasis on prospective that are exceptional and valuable in growth of an Agile world. Our themes for the upcoming events are


Agile Tour 2016, Chennai, 6th November

“Roadmap for Catalysts & Servant Leaders towards being Agile Leaders.”

The purpose of this event is to provide directions to be an agile front-runner. The topic is “Agile Leadership – Empowering Catalysts & Servant Leaders”. This will enable to you understand the heart of Agile Leadership and nurture your Agile minds. You can join and register in the event for expert talks, debates, brainstorming conference which will open up a whole new perception to start a change in the way you work. The motto and the focus of the event will be Agile Leadership and Empowerment.


Agile Tour 2016, Pune, 2nd December

“Innovation & Agile– Misnomer or Misconstrued??”

The topic of discussion is to deliberate on how the meaning of Innovation and Agile is perceived in an Agile world. Join to understand the complex merger of innovation and agility, the viewpoints of the concepts. This will also give you exposure to discuss the issues and learn the principles of Agile in Innovations.

The significant question is if Innovators can use Agile methods or Agilists can be Innovative? Debate, discover the construction of Innovation and Agile.

The event will be held on 2nd December, in Pune.


Agile Tour 2016, Hyderabad 18th December

“Women in Agile – Agility beyond Workplace” will be held in Hyderabad on 18th December, 2016. The purpose of the one-day event is to enable you in understanding an overall conception of Agility in workplaces.

It is a stage which advocate the equilibrium in work and personal life of an Agile working women. Join and participate to cherish Agility which holds no boundaries.

India Scrum Enthusiasts Community invites call for papers for all the above events. Any ideas, suggestions are most welcome.

Join the events and make a different tomorrow for yourselves.


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