“A learning heaven”

Well those words from a participant just about sum up the experience from the Scrum Carnival of Asia, the Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014.

426 attendees, speakers, volunteers and guests vying to make sure that peer learning never subsided during the gathering days, is a proof enough how passionate we agilists are, about our art and the desire to improve the world of work.

A well deserved thanks to the RSGI2014 Organizing committee for their tireless, endless efforts to make sure everything ran smooth and fine.

and a special shout-out to all our wonderful sponsors, Scrum Alliance, SolutionsIQ, Alliance Global Services, Leanpitch, PMI India and Broadridge and to our Media partners, the Healthy Code Magazine for being our pillars of support.

We would also like to provide a special thanks to 23 local user groups who supported our humble effort and helped us reach out to Agilists in India and other parts of the globe.


so what next..??

Well, as we prepare for the winters and the the Indian festival season, we do have some aces up our sleeve.Keep watching this space for more details…..

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