Announcing Call for papers: Agile Tour India 2016

SSShhhhhh “Agile Tour India” is back with New monsoon!

To all the followers of Agile n ISEC, it gives us immense pleasure today announcing the call for papers for Agile Tour India 2016.

This year we are focusing on different trend lines of Agile world. Starting from the role of “a woman” in the Agile world to the Leaders who have been nurturing the culture of Agility with various moves.

A great platform for all, to come and showcase the knowledge.

Don’t miss, it’s a call for paper. Click on the events link below to submit!

The schedule of the Agile Tour India conferences is as follows:

Date: 6th November 2016

Theme: Agile leadership- Empowering Catalysts & servant leaders

Event Link

Date:2nd December 2016

Theme:Innovation & Agile- Misnomer or Misconstrued

Event Link

Date: 18th December 2016

Themewomen in Agile

Event link

The call for speakers is now open.  Please visit the event pages to know more and submit your sessions.

We are also inviting limited sponsorship from organizations who are interested in getting their work and passion known to the Agile community in India.

To know more about our sponsorship plans, please write to us at

Thank you India!

As we wrap up Agile Tour 2015 India events, the 6th edition of Agile Tour in India, we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks for your support and participation in Agile Tour 2015. We look forward to see you in an ISEC event in 2016.

The presentations from Agile Tour 2015 are now available on the ISEC website:  website. Please follow the link below:

The Photo memoirs from the events are on ISEC Facebook page:

Wishing you a lot of festivities and safe and relaxing holidays ahead.

Agile Tour Delhi-NCR 2015: How much you can learn in a day ?

Well yes. You read the title right.

Here is a little challenge that our program team has thrown to each of the participants of Agile Tour Delhi-NCR 2015.

This year the Delhi-NCR leg of Agile Tour will provide a maze of opportunities to learn. You start your day by learning from Ignite sessions from our key speakers, discuss with your peers in the Practitioners Retreat and end your day with a platter of thoughtful sessions from our coaches in the TeachMeet. All in one day…

Only thing to limit your learning would be the time and the zeal to learn. So , are your ready Delhi ???

It’s only a pity that we have limited 60 seats on offer for this Agile learning extravaganza. Make sure your book one before we put on the houseful sign ….

Register for Agile Tour Delhi:

More information:


ATD2015 v1

Agile Tour India 2015: Updates

As we close on to the first Agile Tour of this season in Hyderabad, here are few updates from the Team room:

Agile Tour Hyderabad-2015: Women in IT ( 5th September 2015)

Paper submission dates extended for Agile Tour events in Delhi, Pune and Chennai

Please use the following links to submit your session abstracts:

  • Delhi [ Last date of submission: 1st September 2015]
  • Pune [ Last date of submission: 10th September 2015]
  • Chennai [ Last date of submission: 15th September 2015]

Details about the Agile Tour events:

For details of Agile Tour events,Please go through the links below:

Happy Birthday India..Agile India!

The celebration of freedom

The joy of Self Management

The choice to pursue own path..

All became reality in that one moment

15th August 1947

Independence Day

and on this momentous day we salute and celebrate the spirit of India:

The culture of putting People First

The ever active zeal to Deliver something beautiful

The spirit of Collaboration

and the courage to continuously adopt Change


From and on behalf of all ISEC community members, volunteers, staff members, delegates and speakers,We wish



To help all of us celebrate the power of independent learning this Independence Day, We are happy to announce a 15% discount for 15 participants to our upcoming events in Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune and Chennai. Use the code INDIA68 to avail the discount. Valid only till midnight today.

Register here:





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