Multiple hues of ‘Agile Leadership’ at BEACON 2017

Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions

-Harold S. Geneen

Agile Philosophy is changing the way we think about Enterprise and Strategy .

…and Leaders have a tough job ahead.

Can we continue working the way we used to or do we need to learn new people management techniques? Confused where to learn these ?

Here is some help:

At BEACON 2017, ISEC is proud to bring you multi-dimensional aspects of Agile Leadership. Our keynote speakers have lined up an array of learning avenues to help you understand Agile Leadership better.

Daniel Mezick:

Keynote:  December 3| OSA Workshops:  Hyderabad – December 4-5

Agenda for conference:

Register for workshops: OSA1 & OST1 – Hyderabad

Pete Behrens:

Keynote:  December 1| CAL Workshops:  Hyderabad – November 29-30: Bengaluru – December 4-5

Agenda for Conference:

Register for workshops: CAL1 – Hyderabad 2017|CAL1-Bengaluru 2017

Michael Sahota:

Keynote:  December 2 | CAL Workshops:  Delhi-NCR- December 9-10

Agenda for Conference:

Register for workshops: CAL1 – Delhi-NCR 2017


Happy Learning!!


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