We thank all Agile enthusiasts for making 2016 an eventful year for future growth of Agile. As always, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community followed the dream, mission, and belief to provide all Agile enthusiasts a common platform for collaborative learning in Scrum and Agile community across India and Asia. ISEC in 2016, as the only host and promoter for Agile Tour in India, hosted Agile tours in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai.

2016 has been an action-packed year where enthusiasts communicated, collaborated, and expressed to their knowledge in the field of Agile. Agile Tour 2016 conferences and ISEC meetups saw our belief in the community grew stronger and deeper. Agile Tour Hyderabad and Chennai saw participation and delegates from renowned companies who participated, shared, and celebrated the Agility together. Our meetups in all the chapters Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi were accomplished in a promising way for future Agile growth.

Our special thanks to our Sponsors Agivetta Consulting who have been with us in every Agile Tour event in India and are truly leading the way in helping us change the way we work. And, the last note of thanks should be for those, without which we could not spread our little wings:

ISEC proudly introduced new platform Asia Agile Forum(AAF) for the first time for leading Agile illuminations in Asia.

Asia Agile Forum 2016 which was held in Dhaka and Kathmandu to bring inspiration of the Asian Agile Community. On 19th November, 2016, Asia Agile Forum conference was a great success with support from techmasters and Agile Bangladesh apart from Agivetta Consulting. AAF Kathmandu 2016 was organized on December 25, 2016 by India Scrum Enthusiasts Community and Agile Nepal. We thank Agile Nepal and our Sponsor Verscend, LogPoint, Leapfrog Technology Inc. and Supporter Government of Nepal, Department of IT, and CAN – Computer Association of Nepal for their prolonged support. With presence of more than 300 participants from 5 different countries, Asia Agile Forum conferences marked a stepping stone in agile community.

Thanks for being there for us. As we say adios to 2016, We would like to invite you to our next big event in 2017. Let’s meet again to celebrate the togetherness and fun. On behalf of ISEC governing council and all members we would like to welcome the year 2017 with more promise hand in hand to grow our Agile community. Let’s be connected and bridge the knowledge gap between the thinkers, idealists and the young beginners giving a common platform.

Our upcoming conferences and meetups are:

With inaugural ISEC Agile Coaches Retreat in India from 17th to 19th February 2017, we would like to welcome you, whole-heartedly to an inimitable experience for an exclusive and unique rendezvous platform for all Agile enthusiasts. This is the platform where you can interact, network and learn from your peers to enhance the art of Agile Coaching

Apart from that we have Asia Agile Forum 2017 series of conferences covering the four countries in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Dubai. With inaugural AAF conference in celebration with MEASEC in Dubai, we will mark our presence in middle east. With Agile tours and meetups in our chapters we would love to have indefinite support as usual from our supporters, volunteers, and all Agile enthusiasts. Let’s make our Agile world together.

Do make sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter so that you don’t lose out on the latest from our Agile World.

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