So, You have been to conferences and conferences . They come in all sizes big and small & they come with variety of themes and topics of interest too. Not to mention a wide variety of speaker and thoughtleaders..

and in India, we have celebrated Agile Days and Weeks in all formats…

But all this is going to change this November.

As yet another first in India, ISEC proudly brings you¬†November Agile Unconference Gala, where the focus is YOU, and it’s not just about listening but speaking up and let the world know what you stand for.

Presenting Agile Tour 2014 India events , a series of User driven learning initiatives all through November

Each Unconference focuses on a select set of audience to make learning interesting, focused and worthwhile.

Come join us at the Agile Tour in India this November and speak out loud

Agile Tour 2014 India schedule:


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