ImageMet some one who doesn’t believe in Agile philosophy and principles !

Are you finding it hard to convince your management that Agile works !

Your customers don’t seem to be bought into Agile practices!

Your manager is the ante-thesis of Agile behavior!

Your HR policies and team are not aligned with Agile principles!

Is there any way to succeed? Is it possible to utilize people as part of the change? Can we involve them and give them the power and full responsibility? Would they be motivated then?


#RSGI14 brings you

Complainers? Great! Let them drive the change!

Speaker: Dr. Jaroslav Prochazka

Join our guest speaker, Dr. Jaroslav Prochazka, as he explores different approaches needed in every single case, depending on business, team, culture and people uniqueness. One of the approaches his teams used was to focus on discontented people, on their needs behind driven by clear business goal and purpose as common direction.

He would help the participants discover ways to have  amazing to look at people to unlocked their dissatisfaction and used the energy in a positive, creative way.

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

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