YOU are a large organization……….

YOU want to start using Scrum across the organization…

YOU are unsure how to start and execute your plan for Enterprise Agile adoption…..


Nurturing Organizational Transformation into Scrum Practices

Presenter: Mr Kirti Vaidya

Focus on an iterative Organizational Transformation into Scrum Practices by establishing a program which implements a few specific practices at a time on select pilot projects within fixed duration time-frames. A practice is implemented as a reusable asset consisting of roles, workflows, work products, and guidance. The program runs Scrum sprints where teams are trained and coaches embed the practices within the pilot projects. Feedback matures the practice definitions which then get published across the organization.


Sounds an interesting approach for Agile Transformation??

To understand this interesting approach to Organizational Transformation into Scrum Practices and learn about the governance, management, techniques, and tools to use within such transformations and treat them as humane organizational change management. join our speaker Kirti Vaidya as he offers an insight into how to approach a large scale Organizational Transformation using Scrum and other Agile Practices

Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014 is convening on 11th and 12th July 2014 at The Trident, Hyderabad.

To register and join the conversation, please visit the gathering website:

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