Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014, July 11-12, 2014, Hyderabad, India


Presenting the Coaches Clinic at biggest gathering of Scrum Enthusiasts and Agile Philosophers in South Asia: The Regional Scrum Gathering India 2014.  This free service, organized by the Certified Scrum Coach community, offers 15-minute coaching sessions during conference breaks. Participants are matched with volunteer coaches, many of who will be CSCs and CSTs, to discuss their issues.

 “I love to meet people who come to the Scrum Gatherings – curious, concerned, and cheerful people working to improve their organizations and their individual work lives. It is very rewarding to see them walk out of the clinic with new understanding, new ideas to consider, and smiles on their faces.”

– Roger Brown, Las Vegas Coaches Clinic facilitator

Daniel Gullo, CSC, CST would facilitate our Coaches Clinic at RSGI 2014, organizing everything from developing the schedule and sign-in board to securing coaches and warmly welcoming attendees who want the opportunity to be coached.

More than 15 coaches would be offering their services during the Gathering. Topics can range from breaking down development silos, changing the middle management mindset to coordinating multiple teams and educating upper management for enhanced agility. Key to the  clinic’s success is the approach: coaching versus consulting, with coaches helping participants discover their own solutions rather than prescribing one.

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Contact: (+91) 85060-11150, (+91) 93733-12198, (+91) 98604-65660

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