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“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work”-Robert Kiyosaki

At Scrum Gathering India Regional 2013, it would be our constant endeavor to provide you with great business, networking and connect opportunities. These activities are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of our delegates and guests and are expected to bring together relevant delegates to provide maximum value for your time . So, hop on to the biggest Scrum carnival in India and enjoy the togetherness !!

Choose your path:

Coaches Clinic: Rendezvous with the Coaches !!

As the Coaches clinic travels for the first time to India along with Scrum Gathering India Regional 2013 and you walk-in with a question or challenging situation about using or adopting Scrum, go visit the Coaches Clinic and have a talk about transforming the world of work!

The spirit remains the same throughout each coaching session; to assist people in finding solutions to their concerns, issues, or questions about using or adopting Scrum. Highly experienced volunteer coaches from different countries and backgrounds share their knowledge and expertise, working together with the coachees to explore possibilities and find that much-desired breakthrough to success.

Every coaching conversation ends with valuable insights, ideas, and courses of action to take back at home, no matter how different the topics were.

To register for the conference, please visit

Team Contests: Play with your peers !!

In a first for an Agile conference in India, Scrum Gathering India Regional 2013 would feature various team contests that are perfectly designed to engage your teams in a learning environment, learn from their peers and gain valuable experience though activities to enhance their understanding of Scrum and other Agile methodologies.

To make it sweeter, we are offering special discounted tickets for Scrum teams. So, get your team to Scrum gathering India and see them bloom to be an efficient working unit. What more, you also get to showcase your brand as team contests mandate the teams to wear their team colors, providing your company with a great marketing opportunity and showcase your commitment to the Agile philosophy !

To register for the conference, please visit

Agile Leaders Diner: Tete-a-Tete with experts!!


A networking opportunity for the selected few. Mingle with our star speakers and esteemed guests to discuss things of mutual interest on business, agility, culture or anything else under the sky.
Entry strictly by Invitation. Limited paid passes available. Write to us to get your pass.

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