Scrum Star-Trek

The Space Odyssey

A look  into the future of Agility [Research Papers, Process Innovation talks, Vision documents etc.]

The Spaceship

Agile Software Tools for the future [Software demos with focus on Agile Project Management, Engineering and other useful software tools for Agile organizations]

Scrum From The Trenches:

From the corner office

Managing enterprise agility with Scrum Practices [ Talks and workshops on Enterprise Scrum]

From the shop floor

Team techniques from Scrum and Engineering Practices [ Talks and workshops on Scrum ceremonies, engineering practices et al]

The Store Room Tools

Lean, Kanban and Kaizen Techniques [ Talks and workshops on Lean, Kanban, Kaizen, TOC et al]

Scrum Accomplished:

Tales from the Scrumland

[Experience reports and case studies]

The Angel advisors

Learning from the Gurus [Coaching Clinic]

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