ICAgile Workshop: Agile Certified Professional – Agile Fundamentals by Zuzi Sochova

Course Overview:

Agile is a mindset, based on values and principles, not a methodology or process. Based on this fundamental premise, ICAgile was established to drive high-quality, credible Agile education that teaches professionals to approach Agile in any context.

The purpose of the Agile Fundamentals track is to help the learner understand that Agile is a mindset based on values and principles, not a methodology. It offers vocabulary and understanding so that learners can discuss issues, common pitfalls, and potential benefits with other Agile practitioners. This track offers learners an introduction to at least one Agile approach, from project chartering and release planning to work breakdown and developing shared understanding.

The training Goals:

The goal of ICAgile: Agile Certified Professional – Agile Fundamentals course is to get a real understanding of the Agile mindset and principles. It is also designed to provide enough information to adapt the principles and implement them in your organizations using Scrum and Kanban processes.

The course is building on top of your existing Agile know-how and experience. We will not go through the basics all over again, but we will extend the already known principles to allow you to fully embrace Agile as mindset and culture.

The course is designed as very interactive, full of examples, exercises, case studies and games where you can directly use the newly learnt points and skills.

Track Subjects:

  1. History & Mindset. The purpose of this subject is to understand the Agile mindset and history. The learner will engage in exercises to adopt the Agile mindset.
  2. Individuals & Interactions. The purpose of this subject is to understand that individuals, working in teams, create value. The learner will recognize the purpose, concepts and theory supporting this concept, along with applications supporting it.
  3. Value‐Driven Development. The purpose of this subject is to understand why Agile development focuses so heavily on working products, including the role of value in driving work. The learner will study iterative and incremental approaches, continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  4. Customer & User Involvement. The purpose of this subject is to understand the concepts and theory for working with stakeholders, customers and users. The learner will also review possible related benefits and apply potential approaches.
  5. Planning & Adapting. The purpose of this subject is to understand the value, concept and theory for learning and adapting at various levels, including product, process, team and organization. The learner will also study potential applications.

Please Note:

The course is accredited by certification from ICAgile. The certification is gained after a successful pass of the full training and is included in the course fee.

Who should attend: 

Team leaders, Project managers, developers, testers, analysts, product managers, directors, owners  – who are using agile in their daily life. The course is great value for those who are already certified Scrum Masters (CSM) and Certified Product Owners (CPO).

Trainer: Zuzi Sochova

Date:  14-15 July 2014

Time:  09:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Venue: Hotel Radisson, Hitech City, Hyderabad

Capacity:  18 – 20

Contact: delightlearning@gmail.com


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