Is your agile adoption going smoothly? Did you ever encounter anything uncomfortable or any difficulties? Do you want to talk to experts to see what your problems are? If you feel your agile adoption ok, what can you do next? If you want to get started, are you expecting advice to avoid pitfalls?

As participants, you will be able to talk to experts face to face. They will clarify your confusions, share experience and knowledge. Certainly, you will even learn from failure cases.

Process of Coaching

Signing up

  • Timebox at 15 mins, if there is no client in the queue, you can extend another timebox
  • Scheduled at 1 hr before sessions, all breaks, 1 hr after all sessions
  • One can sign up for multiple time slots
  • If there is a free coach available, you can request to be coached immediately
  • During sessions, you can talk to coach as well, but coaches are not guaranteed


  • Write down your name, topics on a post-it and stick on sign up board
  • The facilitator will arrange coaches based on topic
  • If you have preferred coach, please write down his/her name on a post-it. We cannot guarantee you will be able to talk to the preferred coach.
  • Show up on time and facilitator will help you match coach
  • You will receive a white hat as a gift from Scrum Alliance
  • Give us feedback on feedback board

Want to sign up as a coach for the coaching clinic…Read on

Criteria of coach volunteers

All coaches at Coaching Clinic are qualified coach volunteers who meet strict coach selection criteria:

  • Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Coach (CSC)
  • Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach who works in agile
  • Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional for at least 3 years
  • Two times speakers at Scrum Gathering or other international conferences
  • Two times reviewers at Scrum Gathering or other international conferences

If you want to volunteer as a coach for the Coaching Clinic at Scrum Gathering India Regional 2013, Please drop us a line at with your availability and profile.

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