“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”- The World is one Family

In the era of strife, intolerance, hatred and violence, this one mantra from the holy Vedas signifies the importance of thinking beyond borders, promoting peace and universal brotherhood.

We strongly believe, that as the leading management philosophy, Agile can be the harbinger of change in the way we think, to promote trust across teams, to promote collaboration amongst geographically and culturally distributed teams. As the Agile philosophy and Scrum framework break the traditional barriers of IT and go into new domains of education, charity, KPO/BPO and more, this change is slowly becoming universal.

In accordance with this spirit, your favourite Scrum Conference in India is going beyond the borders. The Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015 would be featuring volunteers, speakers and delegates from all SAARC and South-East Asian countries and beyond.

We welcome you on this journey to unite, explore and win!

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