April 6th, 2016


05:00 PM to 08:00 PM


IVY Comptech Software Private Limited

5th Floor, “B” Block, Divyasree Omega,
Hitech City Road, Kondapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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Program Theme: Agile Engineering

In this meet up we are going to discuss and share our experiences, knowledge in the area of “Agile Engineering”. This includes: XP practices, coding related best practices, Design and Architecture related and also quality improvement practices that can be derived using the agile engineering. You can hear to the speakers who share their knowledge and experience towards this area and also you can share your experience and discuss the challenges during the networking in the meet up. If you have any specific questions in implementing engineering practices, please do share them with us in this meet up and we can discuss and come up with suitable approaches.

Program Schedule:
1700 – 1715  Registration and Networking
1715 – 1730  Introductions By Bhargav & Nanda Lankalapalli
1730 – 1800 Agile Engineering at IVY Comptech By Mr. Sandeep Tiku, Group CTO
1800 – 1815 Networking and Snacks break
1815 – 1835 Agile Engineering – Anti Patterns
1835 – 1905 Session on “Technical Debt” By Nanda Lankalapalli
1905 – 1925 Agile Quiz Vijay Bandaru & Bhargav Ram Vedula
1925 – 1950 Open Space
1950 – 2000 Closing and Retrospective

Session 1: Agile Engineering @ IVY Comptech by Mr. Sandeep Tiku, Group CTO

Sandeep Tiku is the Group CTO at IVY Comptech and he heads the complete technology teams at all locations. He comes with strong technology background and he is a principal architect. He has vast experience in leading and delivering large scale enterprise applications in a globally distributed delivery model. He has implemented several projects using Agile for large size clients across the world.

At IVY Comptech, he has led the implementation of Agile Service Bus and rolled out successfully. He also has helped the organization with some critical engineering practices such as feature toggles, single trunk development, continuous delivery, automation etc.

The session by Sandeep is going to cover how Agile teams can be powered through technical (engineering) practices. Sandeep has a strong knowledge and experience in Agile and he also covers some anti-patterns of Agile in his talk.

 Session 2: Agile Engineering – Anti Patterns

His session is “Agile Engineering – Anti Patterns”. This is to provide idea on what are the aspects that might make Agile a failure and hence teams should be careful about these anti patterns while practicing Agile.

Session 3: Session on “Technical Debt” by Mr Nanda Lankalapalli

Nanda Lankalapalli is an Agile practitioner and technical architect. Nanda has been into Agile software evelopment since 1992. He is also an agile trainer and Coach. He has wide experience in agile transformation, Agile engineering culture creation and technical practices such as pair programming, test driven development, refactoring and so on.

This session covers more insights of the Technical Debt of agile software development. You will learn what is technical debt how is it created, ways to handle the technical debt and other related information from Nanda Lankalapalli in this session.

Session 4: Agile Quiz by Vijay Bandaru and Bhargav Ram Vedula

 This session will be an Agile Quiz that covers some concepts related to Agile engineering and technical practices. The participants will be grouped into small teams and will be asked some questions with multiple choices. The questions are related to the Agile engineering and technical practices topics.

Session 5: Open space session

This session is open to participants to participants to share their knowledge and experience in implementing Agile Engineering. Interested participants to take this session have to share their abstract to the facilitator (Vijay Bandaru) at least 5 days before the program date. Based on the relevance and content quality, we will finalize one person and confirm to that participant.

Closure/Wrap-up: Closure session

We take quick feedback on the meet up


You are eligible to claim 3 SEUs by attending this meetup


Ticket Price : INR 100 + Taxes (as applicable)

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