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Agile Tour 2015 Delhi-NCR: Building Agile Cultures

Brainstorming sessions on Enterprise Agile Transformation


3rd October 2015, Westin New Delhi, Gurgaon, India

What do you want? Delighted customers. How do you get them? By rapidly delivering innovative, exciting products and services your customers will love to use. How do you do this? By uniting talented people around shared ideas and purpose, trusting them, helping them take ownership, and getting out of their way. It sounds easy—but you know it isn’t. To make it happen, you must create an agile culture: one that’s open to change and can respond quickly to whatever your customers need and desire- Pixton, Gibson, Nickolaisen “The Agile Culture, Leading through Trust and Ownership”, Addison Wesley

When it comes to using agile methodologies to speed up the release of products and services, do you “talk the talk” or actually “walk the walk”? Anyone can claim their company is agile, but it’s entirely different to put a stake in the ground, rally your troops, and successfully execute.

According to the eighth annual “State of Agile” survey conducted by Analysis.Net Research, when agile initiatives fail, it’s often because of issues related to culture and a resistance to change. Transforming your company into an agile development powerhouse takes a clear vision, and more than anything else, it takes commitment from C-level executives

In the 2015 edition of Agile-NCR dedicated to building Agile cultures, we invite practitioners, leaders, change artistes and executives to discuss, learn, share and debate about the steps, tips, tricks, pitfalls and roadblocks in building Agile team and cultures

Conference Focus

The conference will focus on Enterprise Agility and we will talk about how the coaches, managers, leaders and team members need to collaborate work together

We would also discuss about how Agile Philosophy can be embedded at a Large scale and taking care of existing organization structure and templates.



Target Audience

This conference is aimed at professionals working in the field if IT who may be holding any of these positions:

  • Project Managers
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Directors
  • Marketing Teams
  • Developers
  • QAs
  • Team Leads
  • Etc..

More information and Contact:

For more information about the event, sponsorship opportunities and any other queries, please do write to us at or call +91-8506011132,+91-8506011150


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