“ Humane Scrum”

Global and Regional Scrum Gatherings® are the flagship conferences of Scrum Alliance, the organization that provides the globally recognised Certified ScrumMaster™(CSM) certification.Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014 is the Regional Scrum Gathering® conference in India.

India is about people and their aspirations and interactions. With the second-largest and youngest populace in the world, India’s 1.25 billion people think, live, and walk Agile everyday. The Agile Manifesto in its true form, be it for customer collaboration, customer satisfaction, or responding to change, is in action here everyday; the Indian psyche is about truly being Agile.

With the theme of “Humane Scrum,” the Regional Scrum Gathering® India 2014 focuses on exploring techniques, tools, behaviors, and experiences that help bring about the mind-set so essential to reaping the benefits of using Scrum in organizations small and large.

It is a unique opportunity to share and learn from community leaders, fellow practitioners, and coaches. This is also a platform to connect to Agile gurus, thought leaders, and a who’s-who of Agile organizations, and to connect your business and hiring prospects in a never-before seen blend of Scrum practitioners.

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