AT2014-Bengaluru v3

The Zuri Whitefield, ITPL Main Rd, Whitefield, Bengaluru

In the 5th year of Agile Tour in India, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) proudly brings you Agile Tour 2014 Bengaluru.

Conference Focus

Agile Tour 2014 Bengaluru will be hosted as ScrumMasters’ UnConference, an exclusive avenue for ScrumMasters to converge, discuss, play and learn form the community. The ScrumMasters’ UnConference would focus on deep dive sessions, team based learning to focus on common challenges faced by the ScrumMasters’ in their day to day work.

Delegate Registration

Registration Link:

Agenda and Day Flow

  • 0930-1000: Registration
  • 1000-1045: Keynote by Peter Stevens, CSC, CST
  • 1045-1100: Tea Break
  • 1100-1130: De-briefing and Open Space Setup
  • 1130-1300: Open Space
  • 1300-1400: Lunch
  • 1400-1500: Open Space
  • 1500-1530: Lightning Talks
  • 1530-1545: Tea Break
  • 1545-1645: Ignite Talks
  • 1645-1730: Keynote by Chandradip Dass, Director-Development and Centre Head, Allscripts
  • 1730-1745: Closure

Target Audience & Eligibility

These conferences are aimed at active and future ScrumMasters.

  • Certified ScrumMasters (CSMs)
  • Potential CSMs on recommendation by an active Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP)

Contact us

  • Visit our website:
  • Mail us at:
  • Call: +91-8506011150 OR +91-8506011132

About Agile Tour

Agile Tour is an international confluence of Agile events where multiple cities from around the world host the event during same period. Where at the global level, the synergies work to create a better agile world, the local organizers make it special by assisting local organizations, whether big, medium or small in adapting agile, the right way.

The sixth edition of the Agile Tour in 2013 attracted more than 14000 participants in 90 cities from 43 countries around the world (including Canada, France, , Brazil, Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, China). Thus, in 2013, Agile Tour became the first biggest conference on the Agile topic on the world.

The seventh edition, Agile Tour 2014 would be more impressive with at least 100 cities, which will present content on the topics of Agile, Scrum, Crystal, Lean, Software Engineering, Psychology aspect, Anthropology, Human resources and so on

To read more about Agile Tour 2014, please visit

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