adrian-lander-big-180x180Adrian Lander – A Senior Agile Lean Scrum XP Coach with vast Agile / Scrum, Waterfall and transition from Waterfall to Agile experience. Not just a textbook trainer. Expert in Enterprise transformations and Organisational Change – into Agile. 30+ year IT experience, started with Model Driven Development, RAD & Artificial Intelligence programming. 20+ years IT management experience. 15+ years Agile experience. Early Adopter of Agile principles. Has done all the roles, from developer, data architecture, test manager, SW QM, PM to Waterfall turnaround manager. Program Management on large international key business programs up to 100M+ USD. Since years fully focusing on coaching teams on Agile, enabling teams and helping teams to improve. Trained by Ken Schwaber (Scrum), Dean Leffingwell (SAFe Scaling Agile) and Lyssa Adkins (Coaching Agile Teams). Moved from Europe to Hong Kong to set up Hong Kong’s first Agile consultancy, AgiLive Asia. Trusted advisor for FTSE 100 / Fortune 500 companies. Currently Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach / Lead Trainer for Cathay Pacific Airlines, where he introduced Scrum+XP supported by principles from Lean/Kan Ban. Helped Cathay to deliver their first mobile software, through the Agile teams he coached at Cathay’s Innovation Centre and to deliver their first mobile tablet software to support business processes on board. Now guiding the Agile Transformation and CEO of Hong Kong’s first and only pure agile consultancy, AgiLive.Asia.

madhur1Madhur Kathuria – As India’s first Certified Scrum Coach (CSC), Madhur is passionate about spreading the benefits of Agile by helping others adopt the essence of Agile methods and avoid the Scrumyths.. He has led the adoption and implementation of agile and scrum methodology at many organizations, leading successful agile projects with teams in the US, Europe, and India in the process coaching and training 7000+ professionals in Agile software development. He has created Agile User groups including India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC), Agile Pune , Scrum Evangelists Hyderabad and Agile & Lean Forum of Asia (ALFA).

umaUmadevi D Vengateswaran (Uma) – is an MCA graduate with 16 years of IT experience in which 8 years in agile implementation.
Being a Certified Scrum Master & Project Management Professional (PMP) Practitioner, she brings with herself a rich blend of Agile and Project management expertise.  She has worked in different agile models like SCRUM, XP and Kanban. She has performed many Agile Readiness & Maturity assessment, agile implementation and Organizational Agile transformation for diverse clients across US, Europe & India.

subramaniamSubrahmaniam S R V – Subrahmaniam, an IIM B alumnus, has over 15 years experience in software industry in Enterprise Application Development and Product Development assignments. Currently he is  managing a QA team within software product development set-up within Siemens.

A certified PMP, ACP and CSM, he has been working in agile projects for the past 6 years and is part of the core team within the group to drive the agile transformation. He is a regular speaker in Agile related events.

NareshNaresh Arumugam – is a Certified Scrum Master with over 14 + years of experience in coaching Agile teams, helping organization in Agile transformation and executed other IT process initiatives. Consulted many fortune 500 organizations in the business of Product development, Insurance, Banking, Automotive in India, US and Switzerland. He has coached many Agile projects and programs involving re-engineering, new development, DWBI, SAP, legacy to current technologies with prime objective to delivery business value and faster time to market. Conducted Agile simulation workshops for people at various levels in the organization, lead Agile assessments for small technology organizations  to large enterprises, identify gaps and recommend customized Agile frame work and best practices. Currently he is with Cognizant and working for Process & Quality Consulting group.

???????????????????????????????Sudipta Lahiri –  is a teacher and student of Agile methods and practices.

As the Head of Engineering at Digite, he led the development of SwiftKanban, SwiftALM and Digite Enterprise products. Its products have a global user based of over 200,000+ users. Today, SwiftKanban is a one of the Top 3 products for developing software using the Kanban Method.

In his current role, he help project teams get more agile and implement the Kanban Method. He manages the Limited WIP Chapters in Bangalore and Pune. He speaks at different conferences across the country and is a part of the Agile India organizing team.

Sudipta blogs at and He can be reached at @sudiptal or

 Rahul Dewan –  is the founder and CEO of Srijan Technologies, a *10 year old* enterprise web content management consulting and development company with offices in Gurgaon and Dharamshala. Srijan excels in building products for online businesses using Drupal as the core technology. Under the aegis of Srijan Technologies, Rahul has helped incubate a development center for Srijan in Dharamshala, making it the first mainstream IT company to be operating in this tier-3 city. The company aims to open offices in Bangalore and Kashmir shortly as well. Rahul has also helped incubate a social media company, and a product called “Moneno”, which was picked up by NASSCOM for launch at the Product Conclave 2011. He has taken leadership in organizing and sponsoring large scale Drupal events around the country, including the hugely successful Drupal Camp Delhi 2012 which had an attendance of over 350 people from 7 cities across India. Rahul is an open source software evangelist, practices Yoga, is an ardent believer of natural healing systems, and writes extensively on a wide range of topics on his blog covering politics, religion, travel, entrepreneurship and life.

Geetha Geetha Anand – is a Senior Manager, Operational Excellence, Ericsson India Global Services Pvt.Ltd. A NIT (formerly REC) Graduate,CSM, with 18+ years of Experience in Process, Quality & Product Excellence. She has worked for Telecom Software Giants of US and Europe all along. One of her Key contributions is to bring in organisational understanding of “Why we do things, the way we do …more than what we do and how we do” ..She has been instrumental in bringing Mindset changes in the organisation of which one was moving from  Waterfall to Agile.  She was instrumental in making this change in Ericsson R&D India and also helped in sustaining this change. She has also brought up supporting eco-systems to manage  business in this new context. Another aspect that she has dealt with is ” How to build  Quality into the product on daily basis” vs “quality of the product just at the time of release”… She has effectively used methods and techniques, which will help realize the quality, “as” we build the product.

F J Bandukwala (FJB) – is a qualified CSM, CISA, CA and B.Com. with over 21 years experience and is a self-professed Agile Evangelist. He has conducted several trainings on Scrum and Agile fundamentals over these last two years. Having worked in diverse industry sectors ranging from petrochemicals to software industry to telecommunications in various roles in IT, Finance, HR, Admin, Commercial he brings to his projects a rich portfolio of experience. FJB is an expert in start-up businesses and has so far set up and led units in BSS domain, set up billing and accounting processes and systems for an ISP start-up, conceptualised and created software products in Revenue Assurance and performed consultancy on OSS/BSS roadmap to several telecom operators across the globe. As customer delivery manager he has donned roles of program and project manager and has been the force behind several successes in pre-sales, customer presentations, project execution improvements. FJB is adept in challenging status quo and is a very effective change catalyst.


Harshawardhan Pandit – Harshawardhan is a PMP & CSM with 13 years of experience in software industry. He has managed projects under various methodologies, including Agile. He has performed many roles in Agile lifecycle for the last 7 years including Scrum Master role. He has been part of small to medium size Agile distributed teams. He is currently working as a Project Manager in Persistent Systems Ltd. He has experience of working with customers of different levels of Agile maturity & has been active part of maturing Agile engagements with them. With experience of the customers in different domains, technologies, geographies, startups/large organizations – he has learnt ‘Dos and Donts’ of Agile at a ground level. He is an Agile enthusiast and actively volunteers for sharing the experience of ‘what not do in Agile’ & ‘Best practices for Agile’ in various forums.

ThiruThirunavukarasu Shanmugasundaram (Thiru) – is an IT professional  with in-depth experience of over 17 years in designing and implementing IT solutions, in which 4 years of agile implementation expertise. Comprehensive domain grasp across Application Security, Performance Engineering,  and retail functional areas . He is an MBA graduate . Certified Scrum Master , worked in SCRUM model. He is part of Organizational Agile programs. He has credentials of receiving the Best IT Security award by Information week Edge 2010 Award. Awarded with The best IT implementation award by PC Quest Best Implementation. He has led the project implementation with successful SCRUM methods with clients in US and Europe.
abhishekAbhishek – is a mechanical engineer from Pune university and IT business management Post-graduate(MBA) from Symbiosis university.IT business consultant with close to 3 years of experience. He is an avid Agile and information security enthusiast. He is working for digital transformation practice at Infosys and has played a crucial role in bagging many large digital transformation projects across US, and Europe from Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences clients. He is also working with senior management at Infosys towards rolling out new offering for Infosys clients in Digital transformation products and services areas. He has been involved with conceptualizing and execution of Agile Tour for the past 4 years as part of Governing council of ISEC and has led social media connect for the Agile Tours in addition.
Sivaram Athmakuri – Mr. Sivaram Athmakuri, is a CIPM, CSM, CSPO, CSP, ACP,PMP and  has over 16 years of industry and in-depth project management training experience. He has played multiple roles such as Delivery Manager, Practice Manager, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Project Lead, Onsite/Offshore model. He has played a vital role in Presales, Service Offerings & Center of Excellence in presenting/submitting innovative proposals/solutions. He acted as Single Point of Contact with sales teams, relationship teams, business development teams and customer representatives. He has managed large-sized teams in collaborative environment with multiple Business Units and has taken key decisions. He has attained Managerial Excellence Program – from Duke University, USA.
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