“Coaching and Managing Agile Teams –A conference on Scrum Master’s role and coaching agile teams”

20th October 2012, The Raintree Annasalai, Chennai, India

Thank you Chennai for making Agile Tour Chennai 2012, one of the biggest Agile conference in Chennai! 65 delegates, 14 speakers and 8 volunteers , all speaks oodles about the way Chennai has adopted to Agility. We look forward to being with the community and making the next conference bigger and better than ever !!!

Memoirs from the event


Goel Gupta & Parveen Garg- Leaders Role in Agile Transformation

Mahesh Varadharajan – Driving Change by Encouraging Right Behaviours

Vasanthan Philip – Agile Coaching Challenges

Merlyn Jyothi – My Top 3 Areas that Product Managers Adapt with Agile

Sunil Mundra – Stand Up Meeting Anti Patterns

Madhur Kathuria – The Role of a Coach – From Guru to Instigator

Raja Bavani – The Power of Inquiry – Coaching Tips For You

Krishna Sivaramakrishnan – Lean Agile


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