Agile Tour Bengaluru, 26th November 2011

Thank you Bengaluru for making the event a great success with 120 delegates from 21 different companies!

Thank you delegates , speakers , sponsors and volunteers for making Agile Tour Bengaluru 2011 a memorable event.

We had some great discussions and networking session and we look forward to meeting you again.

Memoirs from the event

Speaker Presentations:

Madhur Kathuria: What to expect while scrumming om band

Siddharta: Visualiazation patterns for agile management

Sameer Deans: Using feature teams_to_deliver_higher_business_value

Nisha Shoukath: Selling agile to business

Sunil Mundra: Learning from a decade of agile in practices

Raja  Bavani: Fixed Price Distributed Agile Projects 

SeethaLakshmi R: Agile tour km_final


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