Agile Tour Bengaluru , 20th November 2010

Agile Tour came to India for the first time as Agile Tour 2010. This event was a relatively low cost event, primarily aimed at sharing knowledge, experiences, researches, ideas and concerns amongst professional and learning community. Along with an opportunity to network with practitioners and decision makers, the event presented an opportunity for everyone to discuss variety of topics and explore new areas in Agile.

After the overwhelming success of Scrum Day India 2010, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) proudly brings another first for the Agile community in India: Agile Tour 2010

Session Themes

The themes chosen for this ISEC Agile Tour 2010 events included

  • Engineering Practices (coding, design, architecture et al)
  • Agile Project Management and Lean (Scrum, Kanban, Kaizen)
  • HR practices (Agile Organizational Change Management, OD and HR practices)
  • Agile Games and Coding contests

Key Speakers

  • Rohit Bansal, Thoughtworks
  • Jonathan Wolter, Thoughtworks
  • Ganesh Gembali, Xebia
  • Pranav Saxena and Rathnakumar G, SAP Labs
  • Steven Mak, Odd-e
  • Raja Bavani, Mindtree
  • Archana Joshi and Vijay Chandra Katte, Wipro
  • Guruprasad PJ and Murali Venkat, NSN
  • Hugo Habits and Nitish Rathi, Philips Research
  • Preeti Madhu and Deepa Deo, Thoughtworks
  • Vibhu Srinivasan, SolutionsIQ
  • Ravi Kumar, HCL
  • Ajay Danait, Stixis
  • Sreekanth Tadipatri, DeccanTech
  • Om Band and Sheetal Jain, SAP Labs
  • Hariprakash Agarwal, Opcord Consultancy
  • Hajira Begum, NSN
  • Abhinav Kumar, SAP Labs
  • Prasad Prabhakarn, Symphony Services
  • Sharad Julka, NSN
  • Madhur Kathuria, SELA

Special Scheme to Register For The Event was

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