Business & Enterprise Agile Retreat (BEAR 2018, Delhi-NCR)

Starts: November 17, 2018, 9 AM
Ends: November 18, 2018, 5 PM



Presenting the first ever non-stop conference from India Scrum Enthusiasts Community.
30 hours of non-stop learning, fun, adventure and exploring the Dark underbelly of Agile Philosophy.

And if you are expecting a normal conference with hordes of speakers, multiple sessions to choose from and lectures where you listen to understand, Nah! That is passé!

Welcome to the new Era of Conferenetworking !

BEAR 2018 is a ‘preferably’ residential retreat for Agile enthusiasts where you don’t listen to speakers but you speak out yourself.

Through multitudes of brainstorming and facilitation techniques, you will explore the highways and by-ways of the Agile world, mingling with fellow travelers on the journey, some veterans, some fresh journeymen, some vocal, some introverts, some outgoing, some critics and some supporters…

Explore the avenues of Agility as never before! With your peers… standing, running, screaming, dancing et al…

And as we do this, you will slowly enter and uncover the Dark side of Agile, where the Agile Devil makes sure our Agile transitions fail, where we find roadblocks through the Agile journey, where we find the devil taking over the reigns to make sure we fail to achieve our goals!

And then as the utopian Gladiator, you will find your way to better deliveries and culture though the labyrinth of various Agile practices and tools available to you!

So, be prepared to relive your college days where you slugged out the night to learn, had oodles of coffee (or Beer or Old Monk!) and conversations and have good fun with your buddies…

What to expect:

  • Experiment with new Agile philosophy-based techniques
  • Help in generating a new Agile framework
  • Design a Manifesto contest
  • Contests, games and Awards

Key takeaways:

  • Difference between Business Agility, Organizational Agility, Enterprise Agility
  • Learn new Agile methods and frameworks
  • Understand difference between different Agile frameworks
  • Explore Pure and Mixed-Practices perspective of the Agile world
  • Learn and experience new facilitation techniques



Need more reasons to be part of this exciting extravaganza??

Just call us on India: 9953709950/ 9711879950, US: +1(303)817-7008 or drop us a line at

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