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Business and Enterprise Agility Conference (BEACON 2017) –
An International Congress of Business and Enterprise Agility Practitioners
“Creating a Faster, Better Learning Environment for Responding to Change and Adapting towards Novelty”

Million-dollar question?
Have we even felt that our traditions of management, corporate governance are failing to keep up with the needs of the futuristic modern developments? Change, as we know drastically impacting both technological and cultural surroundings. The enterprises with massive expansion are facing crisis because businesses are moving faster than anticipated.

In this situation, the growth of modern enterprises depends on how they adapt to change. Agile philosophy gave us an ultimate resolution to the problems. This is where business and enterprise agility comes in. Business agility embraces change; changing how we think, changing how we work and changing the way we interact. Enterprise Agility is learning and adapting when opposed with foreseen crisis. The challenge was to create something which was more timely and responsive.

BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE AGILITY CONFERENCE (BEACON 2017) -An International Congress of Business and Enterprise Agility Practitioners offers practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share mutual passion and knowledge about business and enterprise Agility. This inaugural conference will make a stepping stone to unite and discuss the future of Agility.

Theme & Agenda


BEACON 2017 would feature a multi-dimensional theme:


Agile Core

Agile is all about creating the right mindset for overall development of any organization. This track will cover sessions, workshops and activities on how to adopt and apply Agile Practices at an organizational level and covers the basic principles of Agile Philosophy.

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is not only about managing any specific kind of projects, rather it is about understanding the customer’s need and managing the project accordingly and effectively. In this track, hear the practitioners talk about nuances of Agile Project Management

Technical Excellence with Agility

Agile Technical practices guide teams to understand how to communicate, collaborate, and create automated key processes and systems.For any successful project, there need to be co-ordination between the development and operation teams; DevOps practices brings the co-ordination among these two teams. In this track, we will get enlightened about key engineering practices like Scalable architecture, Automation and Continuous Deployment, TDD, BDD, ATDD and more…

Agile Applications

Philosophy and Practices are good only if they can be applied practically. This is a track where we spin and listen to stories of practical implementation of Agile practices in hitherto unheard-of areas like Marketing, Education, HR, Manufacturing, Film-making and of course, our IT World.

Agile Frameworks

Each framework has their distinctive values and works according to specific business needs. In this track know what various Agile Frameworks like Scrum, XP, Battlefield Agility, LeSS, Kanban and many more bring to the table so that you get to choose what is right fit for your team and organisation.


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Day 2

Day 3

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