Why Sponsor BEACON – Business and Enterprise Agility Conference?

“An honorable Gesture to our Social Responsibility for Benefit of Agile Communities.”

We believe everyone has their own way of giving back to our society, may it be an enormous or may it be a small effort.  We are proud and glad for the widespread support we are getting for our sponsorship programs. This will not only act as a participation for Sponsorship program but also idyllic opportunity for you to demonstrate your organization’s commitment in the field of Agile. Apart from being the front-runner for enlightening Agile ideas, the benefits of our sponsorship program including publicity and professional development like recruiting, networking, and business development.

Your sponsorship will provide you with

  • Access to industry and domain leaders who have implemented successful and dynamic Agile Transformation.
  • Recognition for your sponsorship as a key partner for the congress.
  • Return on your investment via congress- wide publicity.

What makes BEACON so unique?

As BEACON 2017 – Business and Enterprise Agility Conference – An International Congress of Business and Enterprise Agility Practitioners, would be our largest congress under ISEC umbrella, so there would unending opportunities.

  • Unite with the union of the indigenous and international business agility community together in a friendly, educational, and entertaining environment.
  • Increase the density of connections among the one of a kind community
  • Exchange, explore and collaborate knowledge ideas with all the experienced professionals.

Please refer our sponsorship document for more details. For downloading click here.

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