Business and Enterprise Agility Conference (BEACON 2017) – An International Congress of Business and Enterprise Agility Practitioners

“Creating a Faster, Better Learning Environment for Responding to Change and Adapting towards Novelty”

Million-dollar question?

Have we even felt that our traditions of management, corporate governance are failing to keep up with the needs of the futuristic modern technology and developments? Change, as we know drastically impacting both technological and cultural surroundings. The enterprises with massive expansion are facing crisis because businesses are moving faster than anticipated.

BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE AGILITY CONFERENCE (BEACON 2017) -An International Congress of Business and Enterprise Agility Practitioners offers practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share mutual passion and knowledge about Business and Enterprise Agility. This inaugural conference will make a stepping stone to unite and discuss the future of Agility.

In this congress of Agile minds, we look at Agility from a multi-faceted approach of Business, Technology and Processes and identify approaches, practices and pathways to connect these important pillars of an enterprise together.

In this situation, the growth of modern enterprises depends on how they adapt to change. BEACON is our humble attempt to give the Agile adopters a power of choice, not through forced adoption but by giving them on a single platform, information about and pros/cons of key Agile frameworks in existence and their usage and benefits for key functional areas, So , that organizations and individuals can decide what works for them. We expect to cover frameworks and practices of Scrum, Agile Project Management, SAFe, LeSS, DevOps, Agile Engineering Practices, Distributed, Scaled Agility, Kanban, DSDM and Many more as they apply to areas of Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Education, Technology, Human Resources and Governance. BEACON 2017 has something for everyone in enterprise.

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