Agile Tour India is back and like every year, this year too we bring you the latest trends in the Agile world.

Back in 2010, when we started Agile Tour events in India, the Agile wave in India was just starting. We could see first signs of adoption of Agile methods in few organizations across India. Three years and 15 events later, this wave has taken monstrous proportions.

More than 80% of software organizations across India now use some form of Agile methods. The adoption maturity has gone from being Novice to practitioners across the industry. More and more projects and teams are learning, adapting and growing using Agile methods. Agile knowledge has become an essential qualification in most Job Descriptions.

So what next?

What are the next steps for a mature agile organization?

In this year’s Agile tour events, we bring you the new Lean wave which is sweeping the world and also, the oft asked yet unanswered question , “Does Agile work in a Globally Distributed environment ?

We are now inviting case studies, papers and workshops focused on these themes mentioned below from Agile practitioners and coaches:

Agile Tour 2013 – Hyderabad:

Track1 :Lean & Kanban; Track 2:Agile Tools

Agile Tour 2013 – Chennai:

Track 1:Distributed Agile Model; Track 2:People and Collaboration Tools for Agile Teams

To Submit your session, click here.

Looking forward to see you at ISEC events.

-Team ISEC

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