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” The 4 steps to a complete Agile learning journey’ 

At RSGSA 2015, We are continuously endeavoring to bring more value to the participants . To add more zest to your learning experience , we bring you the Pre and Post conference workshops from our renowned speakers.

These workshops are carefully chosen and crafted so as to provide an end-to-end Agile adoption experience to the participants.

In collaboration with our training partners, we have sequenced and scheduled these workshops in a way to maximize the benefits during your journey through the Regional Scrum Gathering South Asia 2015

Learn the ethos of Enterprise Agile Transformation

Course: ‘Open Agile Adoption!’ – A workshop by Dan Mezick

Duration: 2 days (7-8th June 2015)

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Learn about Agile Management and Leadership

Course: ‘My Team is driving me Crazy!” – A workshop by Rena Striegel

Duration: 2 days ( 3-4th June 2015)

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Learn about Effective Coaching techniques for your teams

Course: ‘Coach-the-Coach ‘ – A workshop by Madhur Kathuria

Duration: 3 days (9-11 June 2015)

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Learn how to become an Effective ScrumMaster

Course: Certified ScrumMaster Workshop by Madhur Kathuria

Duration: 2 days ( 30-31 May 2015)

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